Crappie Fishing Tips

Picture Of Fishing Island

Fishing for crappie has to be one of the most enjoyable forms of fishing thanks to the experience it offers and also the relaxed nature and ease of the catch. These tips will help those who enjoy crappie fishing catch more fish with ease.


One of the nice things about crappie fishing is the fact that the accessibility of this sport since you do not need a fishing boat for you to catch a lot of fish and this can be done even from a shoreline or dock. If there is a local bait store nearby, you should look out for their main diet which is small minnows. If you decide to use lures to catch crappie, you are advised to use smaller lures that will come a long way to mimic the minnows that crappie fish eat. You should attach a live minnow at the end of the lure and this will help to attract more crappie. This is one of the best crappie tips you can get.

Develop a fishing pattern

It is imperative that you develop a fishing pattern quickly once you get inside the water. You should not be satisfied with just catching a crappie; you should know the details that make the crappie strike. You need to duplicate your fishing patterns once you change fishing locations because chances are that the crappie will hit the same at any location that you go too. Details such as if the crappie hit the windward side or if the baits floated are details that you shouldn’t miss.

Fishing at night

This is one of the most known crappie fishing tips in that this is the best time to fish them because they have feed and they are settling down for the night. Pier fishing in the evening will definitely provide you with a lot of bites and there are huge chances for catching crappie. This tip has received a lot of mileage by many and most people even turn to lanterns and use them near the surface of the water in order to attract bugs and small fish. This attraction brings crappies nearby and will give the angler plenty of time and opportunity to catch crappie.

Changing crappie fishing rig

You should change your crappie fishing rig by tying two or three jigs about ten inches apart. This will give you the capability of fishing at different depths so that you can find your crappie. You can also put a weight on your line above the jigs or below the jigs. Use jigs that have a black body and yellow tail with a yellow head and black eyes.

Using this crappie fishing tips helps you go out and catch a nice mess of crappie and always remember to adhere to the rules of the game.


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