What to Do With Your Hands While Posing for Pictures

If there’s one thing you need to learn about posing for photographs, it is to use your hands in the right way. But it’s easier said than done, because the “right way” will differ from one person to another and from one occasion to another. Besides, you cannot have your hands in the same position in every single picture.

Imagine, in all your photographs posing with your hand on your hips?

What do with your hands?

When used in the right manner, your hands can add so much more to the photograph, and when you are not using properly, it can make you look quite odd, in an otherwise perfect picture.

Following are some basic principles, or rules that you need to remember (but remember, rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to art or photography). If you are being photographed by a professional photographer, or you are in an instant photo booth, you will get the guidance and props to keep your hands busy (read here for photobooth singapore deal).

First thing first, you don’t really need to place or position both of your hands in exactly the same manner. Meaning, if you are putting one hand in your jeans pocket, or placing it on your hips, that doesn’t mean you should necessarily be doing the same with the other hand. Using both hands differently will add more style and vigor to your pictures.

Some people get too conscious when being photographed, and in case they are holding an object, they will look for a nearby place to put that object and free their hands. Truth is, they should be doing the opposite. For example, if you are in the college and you have got books or bag in your hand, or you are at a function with a drink in your hand, you will be better off posing with that object (and you will save yourself from thinking about the position of your hand).

Women are lucky in a way that they can place their hands in many different ways e.g. close to their face, close to their eyes, stroke hair, and so on, men usually have limited choices. If you are sitting, the easiest way to use your hands is to comfortably place them on your lap. You can also place them on a table, or back of the chair, or anything else that’s close.

If you are being photographed as a couple or in a group of friends, you have got some easy options. You can hug your spouse with one hand, and women can place both hands on their partner shoulder and give a side-pose, similarly friends can put the hands around other’s shoulder.

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